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We were tapped by the Minnesota Twins to craft a game-changing campaign for their 2021 season. The dynamic work defies Minnesota’s reputation as a second-tier market, or flyover state, turning outsiders' misconceptions of the Midwest into a challenge to “underestimate us at your own risk.”

The Minnesota Twins had a problem: they wanted to grab the attention of the next generation of baseball fans, without alienating their die-hard, lifetime fans. The Twins had a second problem too: they didn’t have a partner who could work more dynamically and collaboratively, aligned with how they wanted to work.

We assembled an international team of 2D and 3D designers to tackle the project. Some were lifelong baseball fans and others had limited knowledge of the game—allowing us to break new ground while maintaining respect for the sport and its culture. Together we brought a sense of nostalgia (8-bit gaming) into a post-modern digital design future.

Client: Minnesota Twins Baseball Team

Executive Vice President of Brand Strategy and Growth: Joe Poland

Vice President, Brand Marketing: Heather Hinkel

Sr. Manager Project Lead: Corrina Wertzberger

Creative Director: Kevin Hughes

Director, Game Day Experience: Sam Henschen,

Manager, Video: Jim Diehl

Manager, Scoreboard Operations: Jeremy Loosbrock


Los York 

CCO, Director: Seth Epstein

ECD: Scott Hidinger 

COO: Thomas Simmons

Executive Producer, LY Studio: Melina Osorino-Andrade

Head of Production: Mariel Sands 

Producer: Brian Keegan 

Senior Copywriter: Morgan Parfrey 

Senior Art Director & Design Lead: Laura Pol

Creative Designer: Radu Pose 

3D Generalist: Rolando Berry 

3D Generalist: Dorian Gourg 

2D/3D Animation Design Lead: Peiter Hergert 

2D/3D Generalist: Matthew Lawless

2D Animation & Design: Ha Eun Chang

2D Animation & Design: Adam Linden

Editor: Jay McConville 

Assistant Editor: Garret Mcdonald

Colorist: Emma Blackman


Mix & Sound Design: Grey Ghost Sound

Music Supervisor: Maxwell Gosling