Biden Harris 2020

The Struggle


Biden Harris 2020



The task, tell the story of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden in a way that engages and inspires real action for the future of this country. Our solution was a fresh, illustrative piece depicting key moments in Joe's life, with a unique, vibrant and expressive visual style.


Producer: Lisa Goore

Executive Producer: Daniel Maughan

TBD: Scott Syroka

Los York 

Executive Creative Director: Seth Epstein

Creative Director: Marc Smith

Creative Director / Director: Scott Hidinger

Executive Producer / Accounts: Melina Osornio

Executive Producer: Leticia Gurjao

Head of Production: Mariel Sands

Producer: David Thomas

Talent Coordinator: Jade Fuller

Producer: David Thomas

Illustrator: Ariel Sinha

Editor: Marianne Karaan

Colorist & Compositor: Lin Wilde

System Engineer: Sid Bedi

Audio Mix

Honey Mix