Seth Epstein

Force of Nature
Nike Running

Directors Cut & Case Study

An Epic Run through Exotic Locales in the heart of NYC.

The Challenge

How do you get consumers to trial the new Nike Free running shoes on the most beautiful roads in the world without leaving Niketown?

The Solution

You bring those roads to them. Powered by content shot on 3 continents and eight locations around the world, a 28' x 11' LED screen displayed an immersive outdoor running experience fueled by the "Forces of Nature," in downtown Manhattan for the month of April.

Case Study Video

The Result

The multiple daily 50-minute treadmill classes booked up in 6 minutes. Participants trialled the shoes on strategically-positioned treadmills, while visuals transcended the physical space and immersed runners in a realistic experience of running on epic roads, while never leaving the heart of NYC. Consumers shared their runs with friends and interested NRC members around the country and world.